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Principle Based Enterprise Architecture



Ian S. Koenig

Ian S. Koenig

Ian Koenig has spent over 35 years in various technology roles most recently as Chief Architect. The Principle Based Architecture (PBEA) method was built from that experience and has been shown successful across multiple industries including: financial services, legal and business, and most recently, the scientific and healthcare industry.

In particular, the method has been applied to organizations providing the content that serves those industries.

Ian began his career as a software developer and was an early adopter of the Microsoft Windows Platform, beginning with early versions of Windows 1.0.

Ian was one of seven people who received the Windows Pioneer Award in 1994, recognizing Ian as one of the individuals who significantly contributed to the ultimate success of the Microsoft Operating system. The award was presented by Bill Gates at Spring Comdex in 1994.

Ian received Bachelors degrees in Mathematics and in Biology from the University of Rochester in 1982. After semi-retiring in 2017, Ian went back to his studies and is presently studying quantum physics at Columbia University, in the city of New York.